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Dictionary English - Somali (A)
a familiar person aqoonni
a little iniq
a Muslim who has accomplished the Mecca pilgrimage xaaj
abandoning deyn
abandoning hollasho
abduction afduub
ability karriimo
ability karaan
ability tahlid
ability tarid
ability tarid
ability karti
ability karasho
ability maaro
ability, power qaddar
ability, power qudrad
above kor
absence maqnaansho
absence maqnaan
absent-mindedness dhoohanaan
absent-mindedness khaafsanaan
abstain caag
abundance macandi
abuse caay
abuse, abusive speech jurxo
Abyssinian, Ethiopian xabashi
acacia tree qurac
acacia tree maraa
academy akademiye
accept guddoon
accept aqbal
accept, agree qabbil
accept, consent ijaab
accept, tolerate rillee
acceptance, consent ijaabo
accident shil
accommodate hoyi
accomodation dejin
accompany weheli
accountant xisaabiye
accounting xisaabaad
accumulate dhoob
accumulation hilasho
accumulation biiro
accumulation biiris
accusation eed
accusation muddac
accusation heydaaro
accusation, blame haydaarto
accusation, blame hanaayo
accuse garran
accuse eedee
accuse muddac
accuse falsely muusaw
accuse, blame hiif
ache dhuuri
ache dhuuri
achieve kasbo
achievement gaarnin
achievement kasab
achilles tendon fayl
acid aashito
acknowledgement oqoonsasho
acquire yeelo
acquire a skill riigbax
acre akar
across dadban
act deliberately bareer
act disgracefully jiciiroob
act half-heartedly hagro
act of accepting blame garawsho
act of approaching dhowaad
act of arguing dood
act of arguing cilaaqtamid
act of attaining, achieving qunsasho
act of banishing miidaamis
act of beating garaacis
act of being entertained madadaalad
act of belittling quursasho
act of blessing barakayn
act of blinking libiqsi
act of breaking jebis
act of breathing neefsi
act of breathing neefsasho
act of bringing keenis
act of buying iibsasho
act of capturing halqaf
act of catching or getting for oneself qabsad
act of catching or getting for oneself qabsasho
act of causing halrarasho
act of choosing xulasho
act of cobbling jaansaar
act of collapsing habsasho
act of collecting gurasho
act of counseling hanuunis
act of cutting, dividing jarriin
act of dangling down laallaad
act of detaining qabad
act of detaining qabasho
act of digging qoddo
act of doing something by force muquunsasho
act of draping a cloth around oneself hullaabasho
act of enquiring waris
act of feeling, groping haabasho
act of filling buuxin
act of fishing kalluumaysasho
act of fishing kalluumaysi
act of flying heehaab
act of folding duubis
act of folding laabis
act of folding laabniin
act of following dabasocosho
act of following dabasocod
act of gathering up gurubsasho
act of gazing jeedaalo
act of getting lost hallaw
act of getting married; marriage guursasho
act of getting sick jirrasho
act of getting to know one another isbarasho
act of getting up kacaan
act of getting up early hiireysasho
act of going astray khaddif
act of going to and fro laablaabasho
act of going towards jahasho
act of greeting nabdaddis
act of greeting nabdaysasho
act of grilling, roasting halaammacays
act of guarding ilaalis
act of guarding ilbaadsasho
act of halting hojis
act of halting hogasho
act of having a rest nasasho
act of hiding qarsad
act of hiding behind something hullasho
act of hiding, concealing qarsasho
act of holding hayn
act of hopping lukowle
act of imitating jilays
act of increasing kororsasho
act of increasing kororsi
act of killing; death ajalid
act of leaving reebis
act of limping hetis
act of looking after korsasho
act of looking at fiirsad
act of lying down jiifsasho
act of not recognizing one another isgowlid
act of opening furitaan
act of ordering, arranging habays
act of passing over dhaafin
act of peering at hinbiriirsasho
act of possession haysasho
act of postponing kaadsasho
act of prayer duceysi
act of prayer duceysasho
act of pulling jiidis
act of pushing ansac
act of pushing or squeezing through huluulasho
act of putting dhig
act of putting in a place meelaysasho
act of reaching a decision guddoonsasho
act of reaching, attainment hirasho
act of regaining consciousness miyirsasho
act of repairing kab
act of resting nasniin
act of resting daaltirasho
act of returning noqosho
act of saying iraahid
act of scaring cabsiin
act of scolding, blaming hifasho
act of scooping up darsi
act of sending diris
act of shining nawir
act of shouting tannaagood
act of showing kindness naxariisasho
act of spelling out higgaadis
act of spending the night hoyasho
act of spoiling, ruining kharrib
act of spying jaasuusnimo
act of spying ilbaadsi
act of spying, being a spy jaajuusnimo
act of standing up istaag
act of standing up taagnaasho
act of standing up hinqad
act of standing, waiting joogis
act of starting gundhigasho
act of stealing halabaysasho
act of stretching jiidasho
act of stretching oneself jimicsasho
act of stretching oneself jimicsi
act of striving dadaal
act of studying dhigad
act of swinging laalacshow
act of swinging laalac
act of takign for oneself qaadasho
act of taking part qaybgal
act of tearing jeexis
act of transporting things one by one gurgur
act of transporting, carrying gaadiidsi
act of trembling jarco
act of trying to get up holis
act of trying to get up hinqasho
act of turning leexasho
act of turning majiir
act of turning aside jeensasho
act of uniting midow
act of walking gracefully laafyood
act of watching daawasho
act of watching daawad
act of weighing down habbis
act of winning adkaansho
act of winning, being victorious guuleysasho
act of working for oneself shaqaysad
act of wounding hummaajis
act of writing qoris
act of writing dhigis
act of yawning, gaping hamaansasho
act with deliberation, carefully miyiri
act without hesitating haliil
acting half-heartedly hagrasho
activity qalaanqal
add lar
add siyaadi
add up xisaab
add, total jimlee
add; scoop dar
adding darid
addition jimlo
addition isugayn
addition siyaado
addition, mixture, confusion, integration iskuddar
address adrees
address jeedi
address cinwaan
address jeediyey
adhere dheg
adjective tilmaame
administration gun
administrator maareeye
administrator maamule
admit qiro
adorn shaqal
adverb falkaab
advertisement iidheh
advice waano
advice, counsel nasteexo
advice, counsel naseexo
advise, counsel naseexee
affection jeclaan
affection gacaltooyo
affirmation muujin
after ka dib
after dib
afterlife aakhiro
afternoon galab
afternoon casar
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