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Dictionary English - Somali (O)
oath wacad
oath, vow nidar
obedience, tolerance raallinnimo
obesity buurnaan
obey addeec
obey fartoon
object layeele
object lafale
objective ahmiyad
objects alaab
obligingness, obedience okobbanaan
observe, view indhoindhee
observer muraaqib
obstinacy jaguugnimo
obstinacy canaad
obstinacy macangagnimo
obstinate person macangag
obstinate person jaguug
obtain xigo
occasion munaasabad
ocean badweyn
off-white cawiif
offense gardarra
offense, wrong, injustice, intimidation gardarro
office xafiis
officer sarkaal
officer alifle
offspring durriyad
offspring dhal
offspring, children manqo
oil saliid
ok bal
old boos
old age oday
old age gabow
old age duqnimo
old bit of cloth hun
old man duq
old man sheyb
old man odey
old man (derogatory) cajuus
old man (respectful) oda
old person jaxeer
old person waayeel
old woman duq
old woman, old hag (derogatory) cajuusad
old women islaan
old, weak person cutush
Olympic olombig
omen saadaal
omen faal
on (over) ku
one koow
one kow
one hal
one hal
one kow
one hundred boqol
one who puts in order hagagaajiye
one who works or studies hard mujtahid
one, alone waaxid
one, bit, piece xabbo
one; a, an; a unit mid
onion basal
onlooker daawade
open fur
open itself furan
open space goob
open space gegi
open wide ballaq
opening in enclosure oodafo
openness furnaan
opinion afti
opinion mooddo
oppose khilaaf
opposite lid
opposite liddi
opposition hortag
opposition iskahorjeed
oppression dacdarro
or ama
oranges liinxaali
orator codkar
orator afmaal
oratory afmaalnimo
order amar
order, arrange, plan habee
order, organization hannaansho
ordinary, normal caadi
organization abaabul
organization tabaabulyo
organize dunmi
organize qabanqaabi
organize tabaabulyee
organize animals in groups for watering hor
organizer tabaabusheeye
origin tawl
origin asal
origin asli
origin cunsur
origin, descent sinji
orphan agoon
other kale
ours annagale
ourselves is
out of ka
outgoing bashaash
outside dibad
outside dibed
outside dibadda
overflowing, abundance heeshi
overnight stop hoyaad
overnight stop hoyaatin
overrun jiir
overthrow afgensi
owl; old maid guumeys
owl; ugly old man, old bachelor guumeys
own, possess hanti
owner ciddale
ownership mulki
ox dibi
oxygen ogsajiin



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